Monday, December 21, 2009


Tuesday, my great husband and great friends tried to plan a surprise birthday party for me. I always wanted to have a surprise party. As a kid, I remember hinting to my mom that she should have a surprise party for me. I remember a couple of my friends got surprise parties, but I didn't. Oh well, just one more thing to do for my own kids.
Steve and Co. did a pretty good job keeping it a secret, but, I found out. I knew when it was, I knew where it was, I knew some of the people who were going. I didn't know how much Steve planned, that he put copies of some of my childhood photos on the tables in an attempt to embarrass me, that so many of my favorite people were going to be there, that Steve told people I was turning 47, or that we were going to spend the night downtown.
The party was at Hula Hula Karaoke. I kinda love karaoke. Apparently, a few of my friends do as well (ahem, Katie! Daria! Ira!). Without blabbing on and on about how funny some of our "acts" were, I think I'll just post some of the video. My initial plan was to upload a photo montage with pics from the night and have our karaoke voices as the soundtrack in the background. But, after reviewing the videos of Katie singing and dancing, I felt that cutting out the video would be lost entertainment. I could barely even edit the videos to shorten them. Every second was entertaining. Without further delay, I present to you Katie! (Yes, she is wearing a onesie. Apprently they are back in style.)

Here is little montage of Daria, Ira, and Katie.

To my disappointment, nobody grabbed the video camera to record me, Kelli, Daria, and Ryan singing Baby Got Back.

Below are the photos that Steve had printed for the event. Nope, they didn't embarrass me. I'm proud of each of the dress choices I made for every one of those high school formals.

My First Grade photo from Immaculate Heart of Mary. I haven't seen my natural hair color in decades, there it is. Niamh is just one year away from my age in this photo. I'm searching for the resemblance.

I probably shouldn't include the names of the boys in these shots. This was a Freshman dance at our brother school, Serra High School. I'm so glad that I went with the color blocking look, all white on my bottom half, and all turquoise (note the hoop earrings) on the top half.

My best guess, Junior Year Christmas Formal. I wish I still had this dress. I could just rip off the arms and wear the body as a super hot strapless.

Senior Prom (Thanks for loaning me the earrings, Sierra, I still remember plastic dangling daisies. I bought my date a daisy corsage. I was developing a sense of style!)

I was a cheerleader, for an all girls catholic high school! So Cool!

Helping make dinner when I built Latrines in Oaxaca, age 16

On the beach in Half Moon Bay with my pup Comer, age 16

Yep, MOST CONSERVATIVE. My classmates obviously knew me really well.

This was right before Steve and I got married, or maybe right after given the opened wedding presents seen in the back ground. I'm sure I wouldn't have opened any gifts before the wedding. That is Big Eddy when he was just a year old, looking healthy and young.

Here are some pics of the night set to music, as it seems most appropriate.

NO, It isn't over yet! Steve got us a room at The Westin downtown with this gorgeous view. Steve had strewn my favorite candy bars (Cadbury Crunchies and Flakes) all over the bed. What a guy.

Steve was bragging that he got the room for a mere $60 with his points. Good thing he got that deal because the breakfast seen here, and you are looking at all of it, was $75!

Then, that afternoon, back at the house, I came upon this scene. Nothing like your kids and your dog to remind you that the clock struck twelve and you are no longer the Belle of the Ball. What you are looking at are the wrappers of those favorite candy bars that Eddy found in Steve's computer bag and ate....ALL OF THEM! The party was over, back to the routine antics of life in the Westover House.


K. said...

hahahaha. dying. i'm dying. I think I sound better live?
I'm glad you had a good time, it was hilarious.
Yay Steve!

Loosy said...

I'm not even sure where to start. Amazing post. All of it.

Meg said...

Oh K. Sands you should be dying. You were the star of the show...only to be shown up by the birthday girl herself and your white onesie. So much fun!!! Next time you may even get me drunk enough to get on that stage...I'll bring my own CD's like Ira. NERD ALERT!
Fiona, I don't even have words for your dance photo ops...and as for Miss Conservative...well, I don't think she'd be caught dead in daisy decorated pants!

K. said...

don't hate on my onesie. It was 9.95$ at anthro, AND, i've worn several times now. It's the perfect undergarment. I actually want to go back and get more.