Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26th

On the day AFTER Christmas, we went sledding! I took the kids solo to try out the new sleds I forgot to put under the tree yesterday. With a quick stop at Le Petite Shoppe Kids Consignment, we had the boots we needed to make the outfits complete. The kids slept the hour it took to get there, and then I found a closed Ranger road packed with people illegally sledding. While we were witness to more than a few people get swept off their feet by out of control sleds, we still gave it a try and had a blast. Niamh is super cautious, like her Mama. She wouldn’t go alone and didn’t want me to go any faster than walking speed. Finn, on the other hand, liked the speed and made one attempt at going alone.

sledding 002

sledding 003

sledding 001

The ride home was full of adrenaline induced energy. They fought, talked like babies (like nails on a chalk board to my ears), alerted me every time they saw a patch of snow, tested my math skills, played I Spy, ate only the M&Ms out of the trail mix, sang Frosty The Snow Man again and again, wondered what Santa was doing today, and told some really painful knock knock jokes.


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Meg said...

I loved that wanted to know what Santa was doing. Shoot, wish I could have come. I could have brought some licorice and then they wouldn't have had to scout out all the m&m's.
PS I kind of love your kids, and kind of love that Niamh is a weenie.