Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Are So Outdoors People

Our friend, Julie, invited us to go camping with her in her brand new (to her), previously loved, super cool Camper. We graciously accepted her invitation and packed for a night in the wild. Wild it was. We were 3 moms, 4 kids, and 4 dogs. Julie, Mason, and doggie Lola also invited new mom Therese with her 7 week old son, Kaz, and her 2 Chihuahuas, India and Sadie. Niamh thinks "chihuahua" is a fun word and has ditched her plight for a cat. Now she wants a chihuahua.

Yes, I said "a" night, as in one night. But, you never know what you are going to need when you are out in the elements.

Dog (Eddy) was my co-pilot. Along the drive, Eddy's constant struggle to get his huge body comfortable in the front passenger seat created a few problems. He knocked me in to neutral twice, kept standing on the side mirror controls so I was looking at the top of my own car more than the cars around me, and even honked once while I was out of the car and he jumped in to the driver's seat.

Please focus your attention on the outside temperature reading. To quote Goldilocks, "It was not too hot and not too cold. It was just right."

According to google maps, our drive was to be 63 minutes. Somehow it turned in to 3 hours. Finn really had to pee at about hour 2. So, we pulled over and Finn had his first Man Pee, standing up with his mommy holding his wee wee so that he didn't pee on his foot or his sister.

This was our little paradise. A gravel lot in an RV Park with more residents than campers. Just to the right of my car was a bathroom with hot shower. And, in front of our site, was a swift running river with a lovely dirt river bank that had a steep drop off on to some rocks. It was perfect for the kids to play.

After setting up camp (hooking up to electric, gas, and sewage) we just hung out, had a few brewskies, ate some delicious food, and watched that the kids didn't get swept in to the river.

Truly, I think that Eddy had more fun than any of us. He was allowed to be off leash and run wild (because we ignored the signs that mandated otherwise). He met all the dogs in the trailer park, fell in love with one of them (picture below), ran in the water, and just roamed where he pleased. I kept saying it and I'll say it again. If Eddy died tomorrow, he would die a happy doggie.

Just a few more pics

It was a good thing I brought this truck with us. Just goes to show there is no such thing as over packing.

Mason and Julie, proud owners of a mobile home. I am soooooooo jealous.

Niamh eating human grade dog treats. She liked them so much, she had two. Then, I had to cut her off.

Did we not learn anything from Brit?

Julie, Mason, and Lola hanging in the camper.

This photo reminds me of those drawings where you are supposed to find the things that are wrong. In case you can't tell, Lola has 3 legs. The other thing that just isn't right (or fair), is that Therese had a baby 7 weeks ago and fits in to her skinny jeans!

Baby Mason in the morning. He and his buddy, Kaz, slept until 8:30am!

Little Kaz Bleu. He is truly kissable.

On the drive home, which did take only about 63 minutes, everyone was pooped from so much frolicking.

Then, back in Wallingford, Finn woke from his car nap soaked in urine, the screaming began, and I knew we were home...so did the neighbors.
All our photos consolidated at this link.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite the overnight trip! Looks like fun washad by the kids and dogs!

Did you get a new car?

AL said...

That camper is awesome!!!!

K. said...

The trip looks amazing! Again, therese is incredible. Her bod looks better than mine EVER did. i can't believe we were pregnant at the same time, and she comes out looking like that, and I look like Jabba the hut....

Julie said...

I am in tears from laughing. I can't believe you called me out on the Britney move! Hilarious.