Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memory Like An Elephant (whatever that means)

All of a sudden my daughter has morals. I don't know who taught her that. As I pulled in to the parking lot at UVillage, we saw a Mall Cop, you know, a Renta Cop. Niamh says to me, "Mama, there is a Police Man. Do good things." I didn't even broach the topic of Mall Cop vs Police officer, but said, "I always do good things, don't I?" Here comes the response...."NO! Remember you parked in the wheel chair spot at the grocery store!" I swear, I don't know what she is talking about but she does bring this up every now and then. I guess it happened, and I guess I'll never be allowed to forget it, even though I don't remember it. Well, I used that Renta Cop against her the whole shopping experience (and the threat of not giving her the cheesecake I was planning on making for dessert). Every time she touched merchandise or crawled through clothing racks, I told her I was going to tell the Police Man, and not give her cheesecake. Of course, she always threw back at me, "I'll tell him you parked in the wheel chair spot." And Finn would back her up with, "Yeah, Mama, he's gonna put you in jail."

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Michelle said...

I'm going to try out this parenting tip! Hopefully I can find a cop soon. However, I'm not sure I want Emily to tattle any of my past transgressions. Are there any she knows about? Might be good to know sooner rather than later. Or not.