Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Que Le Pasa, Calabasa?

Niamh got in to the Spanish Language Program at John Stanford Elementary! WOO HOO! I am more than thrilled. I think speaking a second language is the coolest thing ever. She will be able to go to any South American Country and ask anyone on the street, "Es ese perro agradable?" (Is that dog friendly?) How handy is that! After going through the stress of not knowing if we would even get in to our reference school (ridiculous), we then had to stress about the language she would learn. Oh, maybe some don't know (does anyone even read this blog of mine?) that John Stanford is a language immersion school so the kiddos start learning half their school day in another language right off the bat, in Kindergarten. The other language program is Japanese. Still pretty darn cool but I think Spanish will get her farther in her travels and restaurant menu analysis.
What did Niamh say when she heard she would be in the Spanish program? "Good, because I already know half of Spanish."
Well, we want her to get a kick start at learning the other half so she is enrolled in Summer School. Really, I just wanted to kick start what my life is going to be like...I get to have just one kid around while the other is at school! How sweet is that, My Friends?

Doesn't she look thrilled to be at summer school? I should really have turned the camera on myself to show my own big grin.

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