Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It Was Hot

It was pretty darn hot yesterday. What do the Westovers of Wallingford do when it is hot? We go to Molly Moon's Ice Cream! We walk because we are Seattle folk and Seattle folk walk when possible. Also, I am trying to train Niamh, Finn, and Eddy to walk like normal people and dog so that we can walk Niamh to school every morning when she starts in September. Ok, fine, I am the one that needs the training in controlling the 3 of them without losing my cool because Niamh is picking flowers from people's prize gardens, Finn stops every 8 feet because he is distracted by a truck or airplane, or Eddy is pulling me in to traffic to meet another dog a block away.

Here they are at the "Jungle House" checking the progress of the raspberries which we will start to steal as soon as they ripen. Its tradition. We've been stealing berries from this house for 3 years.

Niamh mentioned more than once how she was pleased with her outfit choice. Very fitting for a hot day.

Amost there, Molly Moon's is just a half block away.

Eddy pushed the limits on "No Dogs Alowed" and licked the bare legs of every customer who walked through that door.

The kids chose Birthday Cake Ice Cream. I had Ginger and brought home a pint each of Vivace Coffee and Vanilla.

This was my poor attempt at a group self portrait. Nice face, Finn.

The walk home was not as enthusiastic as the walk there. "I'm hot." "I'm tired." "Carry me." They also need endurance training. The walk is 10 blocks there, 10 blocks back. Niamh wanted to know a short cut. For the love of Pete.

Eddy was the first to fall to the wayside in the shade for a break. He wasn't going to budge.

The other 2 quickly followed.

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