Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Future of Finn

So, in a previous post, I made reference to Finn joining the circus later in life. In looking through my stash of pics of the boy, I found these and thought I would post them and we could all see his potential future career path together. Apparently, there are several paths other than Barnum and Bailey to which he may be drawn.

Trash Collector. Not bad, a government job that doesn't require that I pay for a college degree that might just get wasted. I'd much rather save that money for my dream car. He wouldn't have to work weekends or holidays, and he'd get to drive a great big truck with a scoop that goes up and down.

Mama's Boy. He already excels in this position. I think he could probably maintain this job whilst working another job part time. The future Mrs. Finn Westover might ask that he cut his hours. For this, I already don't like her.

Rock Star or M.A.C Cosmetics Artist. The kid does love his sister's lip gloss and earrings. I could sure use a makeup artist in the family. I have such a hard time blending the shadow up to my browline.

College Campus Streaker. Every College needs one. Why not fill the need.

College Graduate. Ok, so it isn't a career choice, but it could be a goal. I am pretty sure that "Scholar" is a job title. In this shot I think he is pondering the path of his doughnut as it is digested by his body. He knows that food and drink make you poop and pee. He's off to a good start.

EMT or Ambulance Driver. Better than an Ambulance Chaser.

Heavy Weight Champion. If anyone lays their hands on my Sweet Finn, I'll kick their ass. Don't challenge me. This one is out. So are Football Player, Hockey Player, Hurling Player, and Race Car Driver. All are too dangerous for my kid. I guess I should add Soccer Player to the list but that is his own fault.

Clown. Here we are, back to the original thought. I won't rule it out but I am going to research the starting salary of Circus Clowns.

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