Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Much Potential

What will they be when they grow up? I think it is normal as a parent to theorize about the answer as they start to develop their talents and interests.
Niamh Right Brain/Left Brain
Niamh is very artistic. Our walls are covered with drawings and paintings of princesses, flowers, and rainbows.

At the same time, she totally impresses me in math. She can do 2+2+3 and 8-5.
She is really smart. Maybe she will follow her Mom and be a Nurse.

Maybe the Circus will be hiring?


MWesty said...

re: Finn,

That's what we all thought of Steve.

AL said...

Dang, I wish I could find the picture of Stevie wearing a nightgown, long pearls and hoop earrings all while standing in the sheep pasture for a photo shoot. I think he was about 4 years old.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh Alex! i'd love to see that! Finn really is a lot like Steve, isn't he??