Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Was Your Day?

In the Westover House we have our bed time ritual. Run around naked (the kids), take a bath, run around naked (again the kids), jams on, brush teeth, read books, then we lie down with each kid for about the length of one song on their bedtime CD. Finn likes to have his feet tickled during his one on one time (this is a Fiona Shaw gene). Niamh likes to talk about whatever comes to her mind. The following is a little dialogue between the 2 of us a few nights ago. Mind you, I have been trying for 10 years to get Steve to take interest in my day at work the way she did.

Niamh: Mama, how was your day?
Fiona: It was good, I was just at work.
Niamh: What babies did you take care of?
Fiona: Oh, I took care of one who's lungs are too small and one who has something wrong with his head. (stay with me, this gets better and I won't violate HIPAA.)
Niamh: Did they have hair?
Fiona: Yes.
Niamh: What color?
Fiona: Black and brown.
Niamh: Oh, I don't like those colors.
Fiona: What color hair do you like?
Niamh: I like purple and pink.
Fiona: You aren't born with purple or pink hair.
Niamh: Auntie Alex has pink hair. (Really, it is red. Possibly another reason why Auntie Alex is her favorite.)
Niamh: Who did you take care of yesterday?
Fiona: I took care of a baby with a bad heart.
Niamh: That's not good. (Her tone when saying that was perfect.) Did you have to break open his belly to fix his heart?

So, where does all this interest come from? Is she up at night watching medical mystery shows on television? Possibly, I know she is up at night stealing candy from the high shelves. Hopefully, before she enters college, she will realize that "Princess" is not really a career choice and she might go in to nursing like her mommy.


AL said...

Uh, actually my hair was a bit pinkish purple two colorings ago. Now that I know Niamh likes it I might go back to that.

Meg said...

I'll take some interest in your work if you come over and tickle my back before I go to bed. Was that weird sounding?