Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quotes of the Day

Niamh- "Mama, did you know that Grandmas are better thinkers?"
Finn- "Sorry I put a hole in your floor."
Niamh- "My friend at school got hitted by a car on his forehead and it was really bloody. I think I saw his brain a little. Can we send him a card that says 'Love, Niamh' because I can't remember his name?"
Niamh- whispering "Finn, I know where there's candy, it's a secret." Finn- "I WANT SOME CANDY! MAMA, CAN WE HAVE SOME CANDY?"
Finn- "Hold on hold on I'm getting lipstick on."


Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

they say the funniest things!

AL said...

I hope it was a nude lipstick because his eyes are so bright he can't go with a darker shade, that would look too garish. Maybe he will work for smashbox and we can all get samples for free. Auntie Alex will need a big makeover for her 60th!

Julie said...

Is Finn a Maybelline kind of guy or does he run with the Clinique crowd?