Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Bunch of Jokers 'Round Here

Sometimes Niamh and Finn are so freaking hilarious. This conversation just happened.
Finn: "Mama, did you know that one time Niamh saw a flying garbage can?"
Niamh: "No, I didn't."
Finn: "Yes, you did but you were still 4 so you don't remember, remember?"
Niamh: "No, I didn't, Mama. Finn is telling stories."
Me: "I know, sometimes Finn is silly."
Niamh: "Why didn't they send us the serious kid? I thought we ordered the serious kid. Why did they send us the silly one? I wonder where the kid we ordered went."

While I'm at it...

Niamh almost sent me to my room without dessert yesterday at lunch because I wouldn't try a piece of her ham. Niamh loves deli ham. I can't even think of eating ham. After about 15 years of being vegetarian, all I can do is poultry and seafood. (My doc told me I had to change my low protein diet when I was pregnant with Niamh. The sacrifices started with her in the womb.) Anyway, she was at the table raving about how delicious her ham rolls were and I should try one. I politely declined. She wanted to know why. I said I don't like ham. She wanted me to try "this" ham, "its amazing". Yes she said her ham was amazing. Anyway, it came down to Niamh lecturing me on trying foods because I always make her try foods and "sometimes I'm (Niamh) surprised that I like them, like edamama (soybeans)." Eventually I had to pull rank on her and tell her to leave me alone. "I just don't like ham. Ok? That's the end of it."

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