Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don’t Leave Your iPhone Unattended

It is very intentional that I don’t have kid friendly games on my iPhone. I don’t want my kids taking my phone, getting greasy snotty smudge marks on the pretty screen, and depleting the battery while fighting over who gets to play the Jelly Car Game. Thing 1 and Thing 2 know that I’m boring and mean and don’t download games for them like Jaya’s mom does. BUT, they do know my phone has a camera. They also know that they can change the view of the camera so that they can take well composed self-portraits.

Please enjoy the following shots taken by Thing 1 (Niamh) and Thing 2 (Finn).

photophoto photo photo

That’s 70 photos of Finn’s shoes. All were taken during a meeting with Niamh’s principal. You can see his head and my head in a couple of shots. Jaya’s mom and sister were there too. See their heads?


Niamh took these tonight before bed. I put the phone down to go check on the pups. When I came back, the two were having some fun with the video option.

Niamh can’t remember what sounds ch, sh, and th make but she can upload her own video to you tube. Fab.


Meg said...

Well stop taking the poor kids to meetings...or whatever boring place that made it necessary for Finn to take 64 pics of his fancy blue shoes.
And by the time Niamh is big...computers will read and speak for her, so she's fine.

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

Soo, why were you in a meeting at the principal's office with Jaya's mom? Anything to do with being chatty Cathy's?

It took Ashling about 10 seconds to figure out the camera option. We should have an interesting collection between the three of them in November!