Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marcia Marcia Marcia

Yesterday, while I moped around the house without direction after the kidnapping of our puppies (story later), Finn spent the entire day, no nap (gasp), in the yard helping Steve.

Finn had a blast hammering a pencil into our pile of dirt with a real hammer. Then, he would flip the hammer around and use the nail remover side to rip the pencil out of the dirt, and then start anew, very focused. When Steve told him he could use a real hammer, Finn came inside and announced the milestone proudly. Daddy said I could nuse a real hammer, Mama. He did. Ask him. He also helped move rocks from point A to Point B with his Tonka truck, and dragged timber pieces around the yard.

Steve equally enjoyed the day with his boy, in the yard, in the rain, playing in dirt, with power tools, and real hammers. At one point in the day, Steve came in to the kitchen beaming about getting to make this memory with Finn.This is why he did the touchdown dance when the ultrasonographer told us we were having a boy 5 years ago.

Niamh was at Cousin Emily’s playing with Emily’s new kitty.

I was in the house, in a bathrobe and slippers (figuratively speaking), walking in circles, staring at empty kennels, talking to pet psychics, very sad that our pups were gone.

Later, when Steve was getting the kids showered before bed, he thanked Finn for all his help during the day and then turned to Niamh and told her that Finn was a really good helper while she was at Emily’s.

Niamh grunted and exclaimed, Finn Finn Finn! Blah Blah Blah! I’m tired of hearing about Finn and how he was good. I need some alone time from Finn! You don’t have to talk about Finn anymore!

I leave you with this.

I want Carol’s dress, and Jan’s red boots.


Brooke said...

Totally not related to this post but I have to tell you, I.LOVE.YOUR.HOUSE. LOOOOOOVE the kid art, the wall colors, the basement, the basement bathroom, the built in shelves, the kids rooms, the chalk wall in the kitchen, the kitchen nook, the soon-to-be IT backyard, the openess, your wedding photos...EVERYTHING.

Now, totally related to this post:


How can I get in on it? (your family) Initiation walk to Molly Moons? Throw a couple gnomes up around phinney? Buy a sweet one-of-a-kind bike? Go to nursing school? Huh? Talk to me goose!

fiona westover said...

Brooke you're in...by default. Most want OUT of this family, so if you want IN, I'll let the first person on the OUT Waiting List know. You'll blend right IN.

Meg said...

Oh stop showing off that you went to Fiona's house or I'll have to go all Marcia Marcia Marcia on both of your asses.
P.S. Niamh, I think you may be my child.

... said...

I was there too. Sorry Meg. Maybe if you didn't live out in the fields, you could of come..

Julie said...

Am I the one on the OUT list? Is it because I straightened my hair?

So, how's Finn with electrical wiring? I need new lighting fixtures installed.