Friday, September 24, 2010

Proud Owners of a First Grader

009Here she is, her first day as a First Grader! We got out of the house as if the summer had never happened and we were right back in our old routine of me yelling at everyone to Move It! Move It! Steve get out of bed! Niamh get your shoes on! Finn put the airplane in your room and let’s go! No, you can’t bring the airplane with you. Niamh brush your teeth. Where’s your backpack? Has anyone seen my keys? Tomorrow we are going to start with some new rules. I am tired of being so rushed in the mornings. No television until you are fed, dressed, shoes on. I mean it!

Idol threats. They know it. I would never take away television, its my peace.


               2009. Kindergarten                                                        2010. First Grade

Its hard to pinpoint exactly what has changed about Niamh in these photos, but she definitely looks older. She no longer has that baby look in her face, but she’s still my #2 baby. As she points out, Eddy was my #1.



Niamh sits at a table with 3 other boys, no other girls. She figures it is her job to take care of them.


Can you see Jaya way off in the back left corner of the room? They don’t sit anywhere near each other. In fact, now that the first week of school has passed, they are no longer allowed to stand next to each other in line either. Jaya says its because Niamh won’t stop talking to her.


This is what Niamh looked like AFTER the first day of First Grade. Niamh’s mood/behavior/happiness/will to live are all dependent on her glucose level. She barely eats breakfast and never eats her lunch at school. By the time 3:30 rolls around she gnashes her teeth at anyone who dares approach her. She refused to even look at me when she got in the car.


Following some cheese and crackers and bubble gum, she was ready for what she apparently thought was a shoot for a magazine. I think those shoes kind of pull her in to an outdoors category for a catalog.

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Brooke said...

What a beautiful first grader you have. Just like her momma.

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

Doesn't Steve's will to live and attitude depend on his glucose level as well? Just like her daddy! Good thing its an easy fix!

What a proud first grader!