Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too Much For My Brain

Tonight, in the 4.2 miles from Finn’s Day Care to home, Finn asked me about the following:

1. How did the Earth get made? (I went Big Bang on him)

2. How are babies made in your tummy? (I gave him a pretty G rated answer)

3. Can you tell me about ALL the machines you have at work? (I didn’t tell him about ALL of them)

4. What kind of machine makes noodles? (Finally, an easy one)

This was all way too much for my brain to handle after a long 12.5 hour shift.

I really wish I hadn’t thrown away that Vodka Punch from last night, or the brain cupcakes. I needed to put a little brain in my belly.

Does that make any sense?

I didn’t think so. Case in point.



Katie said...

I REALLY liked that Vodka punch. It gave me just the right amount of buzz. It was delicious. I need the recipe so I can put it in a large jug in the fridge and live a happier, simplier life. Thanks again for hosting the party. Any pics besides the brains?

I love Finny.

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

Such big questions from a young lad...

the brain cupcakes look a little too real. Bring the punch recipe. We may need it on the 21st.

ps... glad to see new postings!!

fiona westover said...

I love Finny, too. He's my favorite. Just kidding, Niamh! There are no favorites.
I'll post the punch recipe tonight after work. Everyone should live a simplier life!

Julie said...

Oh, I thought they were bowel cupcakes! My mind was going with the human waste box on the porch...

Yeah, great party! Thanks for being a hostess with the mostest. Everything was delish.

I'm off to go make my own version of vodka punch until you post your recipe. What happens if I double the amount of vodka? Will I start living the simplier life like Paris Hilton? Yikes. She's on to cocaine, maybe I'll stick with KoolAid.

Brooke said...

Those cupcakes are incredible. We missed out.

Meg said...

You need to start giving him the chocolate pudding when he gets in the car. Then his mouth will be full.

Meg said...

P.S. I love all of his question asking. He's pretty perfect. Oh, and the brain cupcakes...show off.