Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Happened

Halloween happened and if I don’t get moving on posting about it, Thanksgiving, Niamh’s Birthday, and Christmas will have happened too.

In this house, to our kids, Halloween is all about high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and dyes red 40 and blue 1. To kick off the frenzy that turns perfectly normal kids in to whining, crying, begging little turds, we had a pumpkin carving party here at the house.

What kind of Ding Bat invites a bunch of kids over to get high on juice and cupcakes, then hands them carving tools and lets them open up pumpkins on her living room floor?

Me. I’m a Ding Bat.

001 005photo[1] (2) 003 photo[2]photo[1] 

Then, there was The Monster Mash at Niamh’s School. The kids got dressed up the evening before Halloween for a night of games, Haunted House, pizza, and CANDY in the cafeteria and gym.

We saw our good friends Drew and Jaya there with their families.

  Halloween 2010 002Halloween 2010 003Halloween 2010 005

In The Fortune Teller’s Tent, the Gypsy Lady told Finn that he liked dogs and owns two Boxer puppies. Finn, and Steve, were totally amazed at her accuracy.

Halloween 2010 010 Halloween 2010 012 Halloween 2010 014

Jaya doesn’t do Halloween costumes half-heartedly. The gal goes all out. Remember her costume last year?

Then, there was Halloween itself. A gorgeous Fall day. Before hitting the streets with my flask in my hand and the kids in the lead, we headed over to a neighbor’s house for some nourishment.

These were the cutest Thing 1 and Thing 2 I have seen.

Halloween 2010 023Halloween 2010 024

I’m a big fan of doorway bouncers. Finn was about to go pro athlete with doorway bouncing when he outgrew the upper weight limit. He did tricks in it. He would spin himself around until the tethers were tight, then he’d lift his feet and unwind. He would also walk himself forward until he couldn’t go any further, lift his feet and get flung backwards. He did this endlessly.

What’s happening in the following photos is I am trying to get Finn to wear the space helmet he begged me to buy him for Halloween last year.

Halloween 2010 015

Finn: I don’t want to wear it.

Me: Here, Finn, I’ll open the visor so you can see. Wear it.

Halloween 2010 016

Finn: Nooooooo, I don’t want to.

Me: Wear it.

Halloween 2010 017

Neighbor taking photo and trying to get on with her life: Why don’t you have him hold it?

Me: Hold it, Finn. Cheese.

Halloween 2010 018

$5 to anyone who can guess what my costume was.

Halloween 2010 028 Halloween 2010 029

After a long walk up and down the block, the kids achieved their goal. They were whiney, they had sugar headaches, they sorted their stash, they made a few trades, and I’m sure they had a few pieces stolen by Daddy.

Just about every night since Halloween, they go through the torture of having to choose just one piece after dinner. Here, Finn leaves it up to chance with eenie meenie miney moe.


Brooke said...

I have zero clue what you are. But whatever you are you look great. That's one heck of a slime and wine party you threw. The Westovers do Halloween right. You should have a holiday party. Sans kids. Think about it.

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

Hmmm, with the tabs sticking out, I'm guessing you were a paper doll...

Looks like a fun Halloween!

shawna said...

you're a paper doll! great idea... i'm commenting cause you said there was money involved. i accept visa, mastercard and paypal.

looks like a helluva halloween!

shawna said...
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AL said...

Those photos crack me up and the eenie meenie vid was classic. What did Steve dress up as? Beverage tote?
I really want to know what comment you had to delete :)

Meg said...

Love the way the entire Finn wear the goddamn helmet series turned out. Bribe him...duh.