Friday, November 26, 2010

The Last Time We Will See Our 6 Year Old Daughter

Tomorrow Niamh will be SEVEN years old!!!

At 11:00 she gets her ears pierced which is what she hopes to be the start of a life adorned with jewels. Its tough to know your child’s dreams will never come true.

When I took this photo of her I said This is the last photo we will have of you as a 6 year old. Tomorrow you start growing hair on your chest.

She looked at me puzzled, peeked down her shirt and said Oh, I already have some. Do you still have hair on your chest?

Nope I replied. It falls off when you turn 9.


Happy Birthday, Niamh. I never knew life could be so challenging until I became your Mama.

I love you to bits.


... said...

I love her too.
Happy Birthday Niamh!!!

Meg said...

You're the cutest! And that Niamh...pretty great too. Hope you bought her diamonds.