Monday, November 29, 2010

Please Tilt Screen about 10 Degrees to the left


011Perhaps we were too quick to choose our tree.

Perhaps we should not have assumed a $70 tree would have been straight.

Perhaps scoliosis is not something that just happens to vertebrates.

Perhaps our house leans a little.

Perhaps its perfect.


Brooke said...

Absolutely perfect. When can I come see it in person?

Julie said...

wabi sabi
look it up

every tree is beautiful....especially this one

Meg said...

Charlie Brown would be proud. Brooke, I saw it in person...Ha. But only from the window. It's less tilty from the street. Maybe just do christmas morning on the sidewalk.

Meg said...

It's like you work full time, have two kids, and are getting ready for the holidays. But some of us are lazy, jobless, slobs who get a little bit of tears in their eyes because A. They are post parturm and B. Because I'm still looking at this wackadoo tree.

katylou said...

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Meg said...

Okay...maybe just one post in December?