Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its The Thought That Counts

Hey, Pals. I am so sorry to tell you that I am unable to buy you the Christmas gifts I was planning this year. You see, our basement flooded, so, Steve and I will be buying drywall and sump pumps, new throw rugs and dog beds, baseboards and paint.

I’ve had to cash out the following gifts:

Meg- I had prepaid some sclero at Via Vascular. Dr. Jensen still has your chart. Drop my name. He knows me and my deep femoral veins well. The package was complete with compression stockings and and pedicure at HOA on Roosevelt.

Katie- I had bought you the cutest “something blue” for your wedding. Just because you aren’t getting it doesn’t mean you can continue to put off getting your effing dress. Get on it. April 29th is not so far away. (Believe me, my abs and I have been counting down the days until we see a bikini in Hawaii).

Aleah- There is this new brood of chicks that are disease resistant and have the most perfect fluffy yellow down. I had ordered you 4 of them. I’m sure they will find good homes (that aren’t haunted with the history yours has).

Julie- Custom bedding for the camper. Not that she needed custom sheets….she’s pretty perfect just as she is.

Brooke- Puerto Rican Coconut Egg Nog. You’re lucky. I’m making it anyway for myself and my brother-in-law, so I might as well make you a jug too. Kinda wish I had some right now.

Hope the rest of your Families’ and Friends’ basements are dry. I’d hate for your stocking to hang limp from the chimney’s.


Brooke said...

I'm really, really, REALLY sorry. And I'm really, really REALLY excited for the nog. We can pump and dump and drink. Along with Meg.

Meg said...

Stupid rain. Stupid basement. Stupid veins. Stupid Hawaii...I am also counting down the days, very nervously, and the only way I will be getting in a bikini is if I drink one of those gallon jugs of nog. Merry Christmas?!?!?! Each and every one of my varicosities thank you for thinking of them, from the bottom of their blood filled vessels.

Katie said...

Dudes, have you seen my butt lately? My butt has it's own butt joined to the lower cheeks. Don't worry , my flabby dimpled ass will distract from any not firm abs.
I plan on wearing my spanx to the beach.