Monday, December 13, 2010

Misery Loves Company

Friday the boys were neutered (by a Vet who explained the surgery with the terms "balls and weiner").

They have 10 days with the cones.


photo 2

Gus is lucky he’s got a brother willing to help him out.

photo 1

Don’t judge me. I had an itch. This stupid thing wouldn’t let me get to it.

By Day 2 they were feeling better. Only 8 more days with the cones.


Meg said...

You lost me at weiners and balls...haven't been able to stop laughing since. Poor Freddy, poor gus. Should of had you save a pair for Carson.

Katie said...

LOL. meg. leave Carson alone. Them balls will drop.

I sort of love the cones. Give me one when you're done, I'm gonna put it on Frida so she'll leave us alone..

AL said...

They are totally invited to the next Westyfest that is held outdoors (note the word outdoors). Stoli will LOVE them.

Julie said...

How did you manage to shoot that video without shaking from laughter? What a pair of goof balls!
Having a brother/pal who loves you enough to scratch an itch like that is hard to come by. They are lucky boys to have each other....and their amazing dog mommy.