Thursday, December 16, 2010



Niamh told her teacher that the dogs had surgery on their necks so they wouldn’t have babies.

I was dying thinking about Niamh putting together the information she knew. She knew the dogs had surgery so they wouldn’t have babies. She knew they were wearing cones on their necks. The logical assumption is that babies come out of dogs’ necks.

What worries me is she never questioned that assumption.


She also thinks this guy flies to the North Pole every night and tells Santa about her behavior towards her mother each day.

I’m thinking the magic of Christmas is going to last a few more years around here, and that I can keep telling her babies are made when a man kisses a woman he loves….or two male dogs lick each other’s faces.


Meg said...

Try to get her to believe that if she ever does what it takes to make a baby...she has to wear a cone around her neck. And Elfa will tell Santa on her.

Katie said...


AL said...

Wow, that elf is creepy.