Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear, Santa… Bite Me

Hey, Santa. Don’t choke on these cookies Friday night.

Its 5:40am and I’m just going to bed after baking, decorating, and cleaning up after your cookies. I think if I bump in to you as you come down my chimney, I might just shove them down your throat.

You better be bringing me something with 4 wheels that seats 7 with enough space for 2 dogs and my idea of the camping essentials.

I’m serious, don’t cross me, Old Man.

photo 1


Katie said...

Nice work.
As usual you surpass me in motherly duties. This is giving me motivation.
I might just make some pretty cookies too...

Or buy some...

call me when you wake up.

AL said...

Who is Joe marrying on May 14th?

Meg said...

Okay, how does anyone make such cute cookies...especially at 0500! Santa will def be brining you that new car...if he doesn't, kick Steve in the shins. Hope Santy comes to my house first, here he will be getting store bought cookies...and I don't want to hear about Supermom Westover from him.

Loosy said...

I want to know how you make those squiggly lines. Also, do you bake a lot? You own a cooling rack. (is that they're called?)