Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 in 1

It all began with a scheduled play date with Drew.


The day before the play date, we made plans to have Hayden come over the next day, after school.


Hayden has a brother who is Finn’s age and who will start school next year with Finn, maybe even be in the same class. We thought it would be a great idea to introduce the two, so we also invited Wyatt to come over.


About 2 minutes after the double date was arranged, I realized we were double booked…Drew was already supposed to be coming over.

Because Drew, Hayden, and Niamh all hang together on the playground at school, we figured they wouldn’t mind sharing their play date. We would just have them all over to our house together!

A few hours later, I decided that I wanted Jaya to come over too. I miss the kid. We haven’t seen her ‘round here in a while. So, I texted her. I text Jaya directly because most of the time she texts back for her mom anyway.

Jaya was happy to join in the date!


Jaya wanted her mom to come to the party.

Sure, why not? I could use a friend there too. Welcome, Mel!


Shoot, we couldn’t have just 2/3 of the Parsons gals over. So, Sasha came too!


After they were all here, I just sat at the table with Mel and drank coffee.

Play happened. Broken glass happened. Crying happened. Sibling fights happened. Lots of laughing happened.

It was pretty much the same as any other afternoon at the Westover abode, just louder.




Wondering where Finn is?

He was hiding under the train table in the basement.


Brooke said...

My favorite part of the entire post was that last sentence. LOL.

AL said...

Colander girl :)

Meg said...

Finn was probably under the train table drinking a highball...which is what you should have been doing. Coffee??? I thought we were friends? I don't even know you.

Julie said...

Dang! I sure wish I was a student at John Stanford School.