Friday, April 8, 2011


I know, I know. Everyone with a blog in Seattle is going to write something about the weather today. Can you blame them? It was something like 53 degrees. It didn’t rain at all. The skies were blue. The UPS guy was wearing shorts and whistling a happy tune with the robins in the trees. Fred and Gus stood in the yard with their necks stretched out, noses pointed toward the sky, absorbing as much warmth as they could. Finn and I walked to the post office and coffee, then picked up the good dog and walked to school to get Niamh, then dropped off Gus…I mean the good dog…and rode bikes to the park. We were outside. We were warm and dry. I turned the heat off in the house.

Note: I have no idea what a robin looks like or sounds like. It was the first bird breed that popped in to my head so I went with it.






I considered slipping in to my teeny weenie bikini and getting some color for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, but then the $165 package I bought at Seattle Sun Tan would go to waste.

I’ll stick with this bad boy instead.


And the cream that’s meant to help transform my Irish skin to that of someone born with an iota of pigment.


I’ll buy anything…but that’s not the point of this post…its just a fact.


AL said...

Two things - First, let my mom tell you the horrific details of her MOHS procedure to remove the skin cancer from her forehead a few weeks ago before you step into that sunshine coffin. Second, I love those pictures - Seattle looks so urban and friendly at the same time.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

We have had nice weather for the past few weeks, and it totally changed my mood. I have been a happy, sun basking mama.

I hope the tanning goes well, the only tanning system that has ever worked for me has been the fake on, you know they kind you run on.



Meg said...

Fi I will totally do your every 7 day hickman dressing changes. But you're not ruining my trip to Hawaii, so don't go to the oncologist before then. Ummmm, your kids and your Seattle lifestyle...they make me green...with envy...not vomit.

Julie said...

WTF does caffiene have to do with a bronze glow?
This is one of those facts of life that is so unfair; brown fat is way prettier than white fat. You have no fat, so I think you could start a trend in Hawaii and have everyone raving over the Irish un-tan.
Take your SPF 500 with you to the islands just in case.

Katie said...

Just join me in the poisonous spray tan.