Sunday, April 17, 2011


Freddy…he’s a total pain in the ass. He barks so much that our neighbors wrote us a letter saying that their “quality of life” has declined since we got the dogs. He has eaten every dog bed I’ve bought within a day. Thanks to Fred, Gus has to sleep on the hard floor. Every time I turn my back, Fred is on the kitchen table. Fred has eaten the molding and drywall in the basement. He isn’t as muscular as Gus; he’s scrawny, he wouldn’t make it as a show dog.

BUT, Freddy is a love. He is determined to climb on a lap. He readjusts his position to be the dog closest to the human doing the petting. Gus lays down first, then Fred plops himself on top of Gus. He’s the cuddler and the nurturer. And, if you need your ears cleaned, he's your man...I mean dog.


AL said...

Love that video, but I can't believe your neighbors wrote a letter. You obviously didn't go to the Steve Lytle School of Neighbor Management. You can ask him yourself at Easter what his response would be to a letter.
Send them a cute picture of each dog with a little box of ear plugs attached.

Julie said...

Your neighbors suck.
What's not to love about a big old ear lickin', laying on top, standing on the table, scrawny boxer teenager?

When do I get to dog sit already?

I miss you, the kids, Steve, and your dogs.
Please don't divorce me.