Monday, November 7, 2011

Professional Parents

Niamh drew this picture of Steve and I at our jobs.

Steve works for Contour HD, doing something in Marketing. I don't really know what he does all day but the product is pretty awesome (and makes a great Christmas gift), he works hard, and really enjoys his job and co-workers. 

I'm a Nurse in the ICU at Seattle Childrens Hospital. 

The kids have visited us both at our jobs, so they've seen our work environments, and apparently pay close attention to what they see. Its a darn good thing neither of us work for a secret government agency because our cover would be blown with the accuracy of this drawing.  

For Steve's office, Niamh drew a shelf with the cameras mounted to bike/ski/skate helmets, Daddy at his desk holding a document he is working on, and someone in front of the vending machine saying I'm hungry.

In the hospital, Niamh depicts a nurse charting at a desk, and me in front of a baby on a radiant warmer attached to bags of medicine. The baby looks pretty ill with his tongue hanging out and his eyes drawn as x's. They baby is saying Blech, which probably describes exactly how he's feeling.


Then, at the end of the day, Steve and I stand together looking totally dazed, exhausted, and void of expression.


Maria said...

pretty accurate except mommy and daddy should have a beer in hand to go with the post work blech!

Steve Westover said...

That is the snack closet which they raid every time they come to work. I like how she accurately drew my desk windows also.

Steve said...

I think Niamh works her daily routine to include snacks at any moment.

Meg said...

Niamh, you were spot-on. I am assuming we crashed that baby onto ECMO...she/he looks sick. Whenever you check pupils and you get a big 'x', you know it's bad.
Only thing missing is a beer in each of your hands.
P.S. What's up with your prolapsed uterus (I am assuming you are the stick fig on the left).
Maybe you should see a doc.