Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks 2011

 Cousin Emily, Finn, and Niamh

This marks 2 years in a row that penis was thrown around the dinner table. Er, um, the word penis that is. I'm pretty sure that Denny, The Patriarch, was the one who started the vulgarities both years. The Westovers are a fun bunch. 

Another tradition, checking The Ledger. Steve's mom kept a ledger for each of her 4 children that kept count of the money they borrowed from her growing up. Gas, tuition, prom corsage, bike repairs, and who knows what else, its all there in great detail in the book. All but Steve have paid their debts. Correct me if I'm wrong, Pat, but I think Steve is still about $700+ in the hole. Don't expect payment in full until the front room of our house is fully furnished. Thanks for dinner, though! 
Each year I am more and more thankful for my family near and far. If the Shaws promise to shout out body parts at the dinner table, we will book Thanksgiving 2012 in San Fransisco. You up for the challenge, Dad?


Loosy said...

Jim and Mary Ingalls totally kept a ledger too! Love it! Happy Thanksgiving Fiona and tribe! xoxo

Alanna said...

Which body part names you looking for? We talked about "poop" this year. :-)

Thank God mom and dad didn't keep a ledger, we would never have them paid off!

Meg said...

Oh boy, you'd fit right in at our dinner table. We love to talk inappropriately at any given setting (holidays really bring the best out in us). In fact, when Ry and I were first dating and he came over for dinner I asked my family to please not say words like penis or vagina or intercourse at the dinner table. I had to remind them that this was not normal. Glad to know it is. And Ryan and his fam are the weird ones. Prudes. Steve's folks can have one of my West Elm towels if that will wipe the ledger clean?

AL said...


Meg said...

I'd be thankful for another blog post.

fiona westover said...

Alex, sounds like you missed us while you were in Mexico. Next year stick around and you can yell Penis when it is most appropriate...right after your dad yells it at the dinner table.

Meg, your blog barfed after Thanksgiving. Mine got constipated.