Friday, December 2, 2011

8 Candles In The Candelabra

Nov. 26 marked 8 years of Niamh's survival with us.
We opened a few gifts, we had an ice skating party, and we had some cake made by Steve.

Finn wasn't happy that it wasn't his birthday. We saw this face a lot on November 26th.

Note the pout.

Lucky for Niamh, Finn doesn't hold grudges.

Niamh didn't want to have a party with her friends this year. She sweetly declared that she wanted to have a day with her family, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents and go ice skating. I gave her the chance to change her mind, invite her BFFs, but she insisted, FAMILY ONLY! Is she getting soft in her old age?

Uncle Mike and Cousin Ems

Best Brother in the Universe who doesn't hold grudges for too long

Auntie Alethea, Uncle Erik, Cousins Isadora and Lincoln. 
PS I love Lincoln. The Westover Boys are much nicer than the Westover Girls.

 Scott Hamilton and Dorothy Hamill

Finn and I were gaining momentum for a sweet lift in this picture. He had me above his head and then we did some fast spinny things. It was amazing. Too bad it wasn't captured on film.

Since there were only 5 of us to eat this beauty that Steve made, we cut a few pieces and then told Niamh she could dig in, eat it with a fork, use her hands, or just lick it if she wanted. 

Happy Birthday, Niamh. You've turned out pretty well considering you are the kid we test our parenting on first.
I love you.

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Meg said...

When did the ice thaw in Niamh's veins? Looks like a fabulous day...triple sow cows and all. And Finn, I feel ya buddy. No fun when you're not the one getting all the love. I have a hell of a time with Father's Day...and give Ry this same look. Happy Day to one of my most favorite 8 year olds.