Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What The Holidays Do To Your Body

Forget what they say happens to your waist line between Thanksgiving and New Year's.
I'm much more concerned with what happens to your teeth.

Top left tooth lost first week of December.  She lost it in her sleep. We still haven't found it. Its presumed to have been swallowed.

Bottom right tooth. Lost Dec 22. Finn's 1st lost tooth. It probably could have lasted another week but he wiggled it intensely every moment he had his hands free. 

Top right tooth. Lost Dec 26th. This one gave everyone the willies on Christmas because it started bleeding and twisted around and back and forth. The Westovers don't have strong stomachs for such sights. 

Around here, teeth have been falling out so fast that the Tooth Fairy booked a room at The Edgewater so she can stay close by.


Brooke said...

I love this post. Like a lot.

Meg said...

I love your little toothless wonders. Wonder if the ToothFairy and Santa had a quickie on that new couch of yours?