Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dog People

 This is how it usually starts. Someone is at the table, enjoying some hot chocolate, or posing for a photo.

Next thing you know, Fred sticks his wet little nose up from beneath the table. He gives just a slight nudge in your belly to let you know he is there and would like some attention.

Then, he quickly pulls himself up and is right in your face, demanding some attention, or maybe more than what you were already giving him.

Once he's up, its Game Over. Freddie wins.

And then, because we are Dog People, we reward this appalling behavior with a big hug.
Later, we tell our friends and visitors that we can't understand why the dogs won't obey when we say NO, Get Down!

I guess Fred is just too stupid to learn that he's not supposed to be on our laps at the table.
The message was pretty clear. Don't you think?

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