Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eye On The Prize

I think that both my kids are destined to be IV drug users. They just sat through their flu shots without flinching.
Of course, when the nurse asked who wanted to be first, Niamh said in her best supportive big sister voice, "Finn, you can get to be first! Go ahead!" I said, "Oh, No, Niamh. First Born, First Immunized. Have a seat."  I just told them to stare at the plate of Tootsie Pops that they would earn after their shots. That was it, easy as pie. They were even being funny with the nurse. We were out of there in 10 minutes with Tootsie Pops in mouth.
Don't worry, Friends, the below photos do not represent any known side effects of the Seasonal Flu Vaccine. These kids were like this before we went to the clinic.


mairead shaw said...

I love that you started out the story with your prediction that the kids will be iv drug users. Way to raise the bar!!

malia said...

those kids have talent...the best crossed eyes I've ever seen. is that a talent of yours, fiona, that you haven't shared with us yet?

Anonymous said...

did you teach finn to cross his eyes the same way you taught niamh?

niamh's hair is very cute short! you have matching hair cuts now (in different lengths. and colors. okay maybe not so matching....)

andimia said...

your kids are perfection!!

Meg said...

You really are the all time funniest...& how much do I love that you made sweet little Niamh go first. You kill me. And your kids, they are definitely some of my favorites!