Sunday, October 4, 2009

All About Me, By Niamh

Click on the paper to make it bigger to read.

I can't wait for more of these projects. I love her answers.


Julie said...

OMG. I want to eat her, she is so sweet... and has straight thumbs. That's a framer.

Um, where's the cute hair picture? Dying here.

AL said...

I love the fact that Finn is so much smaller! Wait for the "All about my mom" one for Mother's day. Park said I was 73 years old.

K. said...

hahahaah " i have a straight thumb"
is this a common topic in the westover household? bent thumbs? straight thumbs? so cute. so sweet.
I'd like to be a princess when I grow up too.

fiona westover said...

I don't know where the straight thumb realization came from!We only talk about the dog NOT having thumbs and that is why he can't do anything for himself.
Alex, I think I might dread the All About My Mom one. Too many ugly truths might come from that assignment.
I also like how Finn was so much smaller but Niamh is the same size as me! She must feel like she is ascending is rank!

Meg said...

I had to check my thumbs to make sure they were straight. She is one of a kind that one, so cute!

Anonymous said...

She should have said she was different because she has a crooked bum. : )

malia said...

Love her...and who was the lucky adult that got to fill out these forms? Wouldn't that be a great job?