Wednesday, September 9, 2009

City Kids in Montana

Way back in August, Steve, Niamh, and Finn crammed in to a car with Uncle Mike and Cousin Emily and drove to Victor, Montana for a weekend with The Grandparents. I think that Steve needs to apologize to his mother because there is not a single photo of the woman who cooked, cleaned, and entertained the 5 of them for 4 days. (Pat, I'm sure that call is coming any day now.) Because Steve doesn't participate in the creation of any blog entries, these are MY favorite photos from their trip.

Niamh is a little confused. Grandma said they were going to "go out and get dinner". She didn't realize that she meant go out to the garden and get, dig up, and harvest dinner. At least she didn't have to slaughter, skin, and eviscerate dinner.

If you look closely at the garage, you will see that Finn narrowly escaped someone reversing over him. (Or maybe the flash of the camera just makes it look like the reverse lights are on and my 3 year old is standing in the mirror's blind spot.) Anyhow, isn't this home stunning? And that's just the outside.

Niamh, Emily, and Finn. These 3 get along like a house on fire....most of the time.

I'm pretty sure Little House on the Prairie was filmed in this pasture.

No trip to Montana is complete without a few photos on the tractor.

Apparently, on day 3, they simply stopped brushing Niamh's hair.


Finn, Steve, Niamh, Emily, and Mike

THIS looks like innocent Montana fun.

THIS looks like a happy kid

THIS looks better than the two of them on the deck of some cruise ship to Cancun for their High School Graduation. Ain't gonna happen, Girls.

And, the grand finale of the vacation was when Grandma's and Grandpa's friends who own a Mini Cooper stopped by. We offer points to the kids in the car when they see 1) Mommy's Dream Car, 2) Herbies, and 3) Mini Coopers, what we call "Herbie's Cousin". So, to Niamh and Finn, The Mini Cooper is like a celebrity, and seeing one up close is like spotting Angelina on Robertson Blvd in LA (or Dave Matthews at Meridian Park in Wallingford, you've all heard that one, right?), and sitting IN one is like having dinner with aforementioned celebs.
So, in conclusion, it looks like they had a great vacation without me. In return, I did not have to cram in the car with the 5 of them and drive 9 hours. Pat and Denny, I will FLY to Montana to see you anytime!

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