Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interview With a Kindergartner

Lucky me, I landed the interview of the week. Niamh Mairead Westover, Fresh Faced Kindergartner at John Stanford Elementary, allowed me, her mother, her first interview after her first day of K!
The interview took place at our kitchen table over a bowl of grapes. Her brother, Finn, was also present and every now and then made some of his own comments (most of which have been edited out of this transcript).

Mommy: Niamh, what is your teacher's name?
Niamh: Ana. Wait, no, no it's not. What did Jaya say my teacher's name is?
Mommy: Lucy?
Niamh: No, but I just remembered a song. "Lucy in the sky with a diamond."
M: Who did you sit next to at the class table?
N: Jaya Jaya Jaya!
M: Who sat on the other side of you?
N: A girl named Lucy. Oh, there was a Lucy there. That's funny. "Lucy in the sky with a diamond."
M: How many snack breaks did you have?
N: Three.
M: Three! That's more breaks than I get in a 12.5 hour shift at work! What was your favorite lunch item? And what did you like the least in your lunch?
N: My favorite was the cookies from Reshma. And I liked everything, Mama. Good lunch, Mama.
Finn: How about the spinach?
Mommy and Niamh together: There was no spinach!
M: How do you tell your teacher you have to go to the bathroom?
N: First, you have circle time and then after that we all go to the bathroom. Then we have lunch and go to the bathroom.
M: What if you have to go to the bathroom during class?
N: You tell the teacher and she says "Ugh (sigh), OK, I guess so. You can go." Then, you go.
M: What was your favorite part of the day?
N: Playing with Jaya.
M: Was any part of the day scary?
N: No.
M: At what point did you first miss me?
N: At lunch.
M: Other than Jaya, name 2 other kids in your class.
N: Lucy and Hayden.
M: Are there any boys in your class?
N: Yes, but I haven't met them yet.
M: How do you feel after your first day ever not taking a nap or having quiet time in your room?
N: Tired.
M: OK, last question. Do you want to go back tomorrow?
N: No.
M: What? It sounds like you had a great day.
N: I really want time with you, Mama.

We tried to take that classic first day of school photo at the front door. Unfortunately, the sun was so strong she could barely look up.

OK, this one is better.

Alright, so I made her give me a thumbs up for the photo. I told her I was going to do my best to embarrass her in front of all her new friends on her first day of school. This was all I could bring myself to do to her. Maybe her classmates didn't notice how goofy she was, but I bet the older kids clued right in that she was a new Kindergartner who's mom was taking a lot of photos of her. I wanted to have her take a photo with a crossing guard, but Steve wouldn't let me. The crossing guards had a whole little synchronized routine of simultaneous whistle blowing and marching in to the street from opposite sidewalks when a kid wanted to cross. They must be the cool kids in the school.

The "Rock On" sign was not prompted. That was all Niamh.

And here she is...JAYA!...these two met the first day of Language Camp in June. As I was telling Jaya's mom on the playground that Niamh really liked her daughter, she stopped me to ask if my daughter was Niamh because Jaya had been talking about liking Niamh too. If that isn't the natural start to a long friendship, I don't know what is. I am going to do what I can to keep this little girl crush going because I think Jaya's mom and adorable little sister are the bees knees as well. Makes a big difference if you can hang with your kid's friend's parents too! Is it any wonder that Niamh would be attracted to such a stylish little dresser? Niamh's first word was "shoes" when she was a baby. Check out the fab clogs Jaya chose for her first day of school. Nice choice, Friend! Too bad I didn't get her back pack and lunch box in the shot because they actually matched her shirt and skirt. This is one fashion forward five year old.

Apparently, each child in the Seattle Public School System is issued an inmate number their first day of K. Let this be the last mugshot we ever see of Niamh. (I think Finn's number will get more press coverage when he gets his, Little Hooligan.)

To finish the day, we went to Pallino Pasteria for dinner and let it slide that neither kid ate much dinner. They still got dessert.
Happy First Day of Responsibility, Niamh. From here out, its only weekends off for you, Kiddo. What the hell am I going to do as Finn's Playmate?
If anyone hears me utter any thoughts of having another child because it is just so easy with only one at home, please tie my fallopian triple knots. (This is a Public Service Announcement.)


K. said...

hahahahahahaha! You can borrow my baby for Finn to play with..
So, did you cry when Niamh went to kindergarten? Because... I almost shed a tear for her....Looking through these pictures I got all watery....what's wrong with me?
I love how cute Niamh's outfit is too... I hope she enjoys kindergarten!

fiona westover said...

Nope, no tears shed. Niamh seemed just fine filing in with the rest of the kids so if she wasn't crying, why should I? I'll probably start crying when the first science project is due. I hated my own homework, I doubt I'm going to like hers any better.