Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take THAT, 1st Day of Fall!

First Day of Fall? Whatever! It was almost 90 degrees today! Did I mention that this is SEATTLE? Its not this nice the first day of July. We took full advantage of the sunny day.
Finn and I dropped Niamh off at school, did NOT tell her our plans, and we went to the beach at Golden Gardens. These guys ditched us and went to some silly prenatal doctor's appointment. But, these guys joined us for some sun on the sand in Ballard.
Then, after a quick nap for Finn, we picked up Niamh at school and joined up with Niamh's buddy's family for a walk up to our fav ice cream spot, Molly Moon's. It didn't take long for the 3 adults on the walk to realize that taking 4 hot and cranky kids on a long walk to ice cream was a bad idea. (OK, truth be told, 2 of the adults already knew that walking was a bad idea, but I don't want that 3rd adult to feel like she made a bad decision all on her own, so I won't say "We told you so.") After one blister, 2 pairs of shoes ditched, a failed game of Follow The Leader, one running race, lots of jokes, and some back sweat, we made it to our destination. THERE WAS NO LINE! Unheard of at Ms. Moon's establishment. Perfect! We had plenty of space to continue the chaos inside the store.
But wait, that is not where the fun ends! After walking the kids to ice cream in the heat and feeding them only ice cream for dinner, I took them with me to get my eye brows waxed. Nothing says "I'm a Mom desperately in need of a wax and tint" more than bringing 2 kids on a sugar high in to a salon. Well, Baby Mason, you are now the owner of the Gyro Flyer that Finn got just yesterday. That's right, I threatened to give Finn's new toy to Baby Mason if he didn't sit in the damn chair away from the lady with the hot wax at my eye brows. He couldn't do it, so I have to honor the punishment.
And, for the final memorable moment of The First Day of Fall 2009, Finn peed all over the floor in the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway, and the bathroom because he just couldn't come down from his sugar rush long enough to pull down his pants and pee in the toilet.
Happy Fall, Everyone. We had a fun day to kick it off.


andimia said...

cant believe you were at molly's and did not call! we are a hop, skip and jump away!

K. said...

i love finn. love him.
AND, i was about to go to Molly Moons but controlled myself and ate pie at home instead....

malia said...

Love this story...wish I was in Seattle to join you! The last time I went to get my eyebrows waxed (really my whole face waxed:) The lady kept saying...ohhhh, too much hair (in her sweet asian accent). Nothing like that to make a girl feel great.

Julie said...

Dear Finn,
Thanks for acting like a jackass in the salon.


Julie said...

You are so brave, Fi-Fi. I do the wax, shave & tint routine at home now. I can score you some professional tint if you like; save you some $ from having to buy toys and abruptly take them away.
Us pale girls have to stick together.
Molly Moons tomorrow for us. We'll see if you are around. How do you not weigh 300# living so close to that establishment???

Brooke said...

LOL. Classic.

PS-Now that I know you live nearby be very afraid. (Not really.)