Monday, March 29, 2010

Bullet Points

Remember, this blog is kind of like my baby book for the kids. So, I need to bullet point a few things from recent days that I want to remember.

  • Woke up Saturday to Niamh and Finn fighting about who was older. Progressed to fighting about who was bigger. Ended with an argument about who had more money. I don’t know how Finn thought he was going to win the first two arguments. As for the third, they are both equally broke.
  • Niamh just told me that at her school, the bathrooms have alarms that go off if a boy goes into a girls’ bathroom, and vice versa. I asked her if she had ever heard the alarms go off. She said, “no”. I asked her who told her about the alarms. She said, “Mr. Aramaki. I almost went in to a boy bathroom and he saw me and told me.” The Principal! I really like that guy!
  • Niamh is wearing a shrinky dink necklace of a Boxer dog. She claims that she is the Princess of Eddyland, and I am Queen. That poor dog didn’t get this kind of recognition when he was alive. She named a whole Land for him (her room).
  • Finn asked Steve for a peanut butter and jelly and pickles sandwich. Steve made it for him. Finn ate it and loved it.
  • After Niamh made her own lunch, she proclaimed that she makes really good sandwiches and will make them every day for her own kids, and she hopes she has two kids. Finn said he wants five kids. Niamh then said, “Finn! That’s a lot of money your going to waste on getting all those beds for those kids and a big house too!”

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Loosy said...

I like your kids a lot. They need a TV series.