Monday, March 29, 2010

Mr. Squishy Butt

My little sister is FINALLY FINALLY getting a Bull Dog. She has been absolutely crazed over these little devils for years. She stops all Bull Dog owners on the street, takes photos, asks for phone numbers and addresses so she can continue to bump in to the dogs (I’m serious). And, for Valentine’s Day, she placed an ad on Craigslist asking a willing Bull Dog owner to let her borrow their pooch for the day so that she could dress it up and take photos. See what I mean by “crazed”.

Tomorrow is The Day. Tomorrow, Mr. Squishy Butt (Squishy for short) will come home with her. She and her husband have given up their cute apartment near Golden Gate Park with all its charm and custom paint. They weren’t allowed pets there. Just last week, they moved to a different Golden Gate Park Area place. This one has a private yard and a deck for the Wee One.

Here are some of his baby photos. I am certain I’ll be receiving more soon. I think I might send her a Flip Video camera to capture his early years. HeadSide eating house 3.4 standSide

Uncle DP and Auntie Mae Mae, Congratulations on your new responsibility. I hope Mr. Squishy Butt doesn’t eat the walls in your new home.


Katie said...

mr.squisy butt is SO CUTE. Almost makes me want another puppy. ALMOST.
When is he coming to visit?

Anonymous said...

We are having a family dinner at Mary's tomorrow night to meet the addition! We are very excited!

AL said...

I LOVE him!!!!