Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Catch a Leprechaun

Bring it on, Leprechaun!


This year we are going to catch that Leprechaun. We don’t want to hurt him. We just want to see him with our own eyes. We are pretty sure that if we catch him, he has to grant us 3 wishes, or is that from another story? Whatever, the kids have each come up with their own wish. Niamh wants a robot that brings her everything she wants as soon as she asks for it (i.e. a different Mom than the one she currently has). Her robot won’t require batteries or a plug. I love that she actually thought of that detail.  Finn wants another helicopter. He’s so easy to please. Steve and I are sharing our wish and we agree that it would be best if we ask for my dream car, a Eurovan, so that I can finally shut up about it.

Here’s how the trap works. Leprechauns are attracted to shiny objects and to Baileys Irish Cream. We have lured him to both with the gold path, the bottles of booze, and the pot of (fool’s) gold. He will undoubtedly want to take the gold away with him. The pot is holding down a string that is attached to the cloud cage above. When he lifts the pot, the string will be released, and the cage will come down on top of him. We will find him, get our wishes (I’d like mine in the candy white with curtains), and then let him go. No hard feelings.

We will share a photo of him tomorrow when we meet him.


Katie said...

Could you ask for a Westfalia Van too, so Paul will shutup? Thanks.

Maria said...

WOW! this is a bit magical and now i wish i were irish too (who ever heard of an irish jew?). maybe i just hope i will be this creative and fun when the girls are older. amazing job, and i love that the leprechaun gets a boozy treat before the sky falls on him. HA!

AL said...

I, too, thought that was great that the leprechaun will be able to suck down the Bailey's while he awaits his captors to release him!