Monday, March 29, 2010

Minute To Win It

Easter at the Westover’s. Seems like the meaning of Easter is going the way of the Dodo and heading toward Westyfest.

 Wes-ty-fest/noun:  A cornucopia of debauchery, games, and competition. An event held by the Westover family, usually in July.

This message was sent in an email from Auntie Alex, Hostess with the Mostest. “In addition, if you want to do a Minute-to-Win-it game such as the feather blowing or ping pong ball into the tub on your head, feel free to bring supplies and a prize.  Park also wants to set up an UNO bracket in groups o 4.”

So, this year, “in addition” to the food and egg hunt at Auntie Alex’s house, there will be games. With the Westy’s, where there are games, there are cheaters, sore losers, and obnoxious winners.

Way to go, Park. Steve came home from work wanting to play UNO to practice his game for Sunday. Is there such a thing as practicing and perfecting a game of UNO?

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Westovers of Wallingford are planning for our Minute-to-Win-it game.


Bring It!


Katie said...

Fiona? Are you siphoning liquor or practicing your hookah smoking?

Anonymous said...

Is that "Fruit by the Foot?" Please, bring the video camera. Those movies are always good for a belly laugh!

Katie said...

OHHH that's fruit by the foot!
It looks like a long thin tube..... ignore my earlier comments they make no sense now that I can see what that is....