Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sham Wow-Off

I'm not raising a cheater, just having a little bit off fun trying to get 2 super competitive in-laws to relax a little, let someone else have a win for once. Sheesh! Here is the background:

Last week we celebrated Westyfest 2009...a gathering of Westover relations in Seattle. The Rosemeyers and their offspring flew in from Camarillo, California to spend a week with us here in gorgeous Seattle. Really, they couldn't have chosen a better week to come, the weather was phenomenal. After a week of BBQs, Pool Parties, Pacific Science Center, and Bowling, we all got together at The Lytle's home (jaw dropping) for some 4th of July FRIENDLY family games with some really ridiculous prizes. The 2 aforementioned superstar competitors, Mike and Michelle Westover, were going to sweep the games after winning at kayak races and balloon toss (usually my and Steve's game). The Sham Wow-off was going to change all that, even if it was because of the interference of a loyal 5 year old girl to her Grandmother and Mother.

The rules of the Sham Wow-off were to start on one side of the lawn with a bucket of water, run to the other side of the lawn where a Sham Wow towel and an empty glass Coke bottle were waiting, run back and forth between the bucket of water and the bottle with your Sham Wow and try to squeeze water in to the Coke bottle. The first to fill the bottle wins. You can imagine everyone's surprise when I, Miss I could care less about your silly competition let's just have fun, won the first round of the Sham Wow Competition. In the second round, which was to find me an opponent for the finals, Niamh and grandma were in cahoots to keep Mike or Michelle out of the finals. Here is what happened.

Grandma told Niamh to spit in her bottle while she was reloading her Sham Wow. Then, she told Niamh to take Mike and Michelle's bottles when they weren't looking and pour their water in to her bottle. When Mike and Michelle figured it out, they weren't happy. They reviewed the tapes in detail and found the conclusive evidence against Niamh and Grandma.

I might say that sometimes it is better not to record some events lest the video become evidence. However, to capture the crime unfolding and have the reaction on video, that makes it all worth the risk.

My Westyfest photos are here.


MWesty said...

"That's just ridiculous!"

AL said...

Love the temper tantrum by Mike! I missed that whole thing, except that Jack made sure to tell me Grandma and Uncle Brad cheated in each race.