Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deception Pass

Camp Fees........$70.50
Tent Rental.....$35.00
Groceries delivered by the Grocery Fairy.....$79.01
New Sunglasses (couldn't find the old ones when leaving the house).....$54.70
New Camp Stove (forgot the old one in the kitchen at home).....$49.88
New Windshield (cracked by flying rocks from roadwork).....about $300.00
Camping with good friends Megan, Hadley, Julie, and Mason.....PRICELESS

Finn toting Mason around in the toy cart.

Megan reading to the girls on pink camp chairs

I should have brought their swim suits. I thought they would just get their feet wet.

Here come Megan and Hadley, after a little nap in the back of Zadie's super cool Element.

Hadley doesn't like sand, as she told me multiple times while sitting next to me watching the other kids play. "My no lie san." So, apparently, the solution to that is rain boots to protect her feet from the awful stuff. She must be smarter than the other kids because they haven't figured out how awful sand is.

The problem with boots is you have to judge how deep you walk in the water because water can still get in over the tops of the boots. And it did. And she was wearing socks in her boots. And they got very wet.

Then, Hadley did the unthinkable. She did what her mother was sure she would never do. She walked in the sand barefoot in to the water without her mom and tried to follow Niamh and Finn who were up to their armpits in the water in their clothing.

Then, Hadley's pants got wet and she remembered she was way smarter than the other kids. She returned to the edge of the sand to sit with her mama and gawk at those other silly kids playing in their wet clothes in the sand, in the water.

Those silly kids. They were as happy as pigs in a puddle of mud.

That night, back at the campfire.....

.....we pretty much just ate hot dogs and went to bed.

Gotta get rid of the extra food.

Thanks for a fun time, Friends.


K. said...

fuuun! oh I can't wait for next summer when Simone is big enough to enjoy things like that!

Julie said...

So you DID build a campfire! That means you didn't freeze to death. Whew!