Thursday, July 9, 2009

Better Than Picking Your Nose

Our friend, Shannon, sent us a desperate message on facebook saying that her parents were out of town and needed their raspberries picked or they would go to waste, or worse, to the crows. GASP! I, Heather, Erin, Wendy, Niamh, and TWO Finns were eager to help out.
Heather, Erin, and Finn #1 hard at work.

Finn #2, Niamh, and Wendy went to work on the blueberry bushes that were more like trees. We figured that if we were already there, they would probably appreciate us helping out with all those ripe beautiful blueberries.

Wendy, Wow!, this is true sacrifice. Good Ole' Wendy dumped out her water from her Nalgene in order to use the bottle as a berry reservoir. Thank you, Wendy, Thank you!

This was my bounty.

Hard to resist eating as you pick.

Did I mention that there were cherries so bright red and shiny?

Not bad for 90 minutes of work, Ladies. I'm sure that Shannon's family will thank us when they get home.

This is what I turned a few of my berries in to. I think the rest will top some of Molly Moon's Vanilla Ice Cream.

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Wendy said...

Those cookies look GREAT! What is the cookie contraption that you used?