Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping at Fort Worden

"Oh, are you coming? Daddy said you weren't coming because you're grumpy." (I get a little grumpy when packing.) Even though the trip started with this comment from Niamh as I opened the car door to leave, we still had a blast!
This was Niamh and Finn's 1st Ferry Ride.

I conned Steve in to letting me bring my best buddy (I'm talking about Eddy, not the bottle.)

He's getting so old.

Everyone has adjusted well to life as a camping family. All it takes to relax is a little apple juice and a camp chair.

My other Best Buddy.

Now say, "Chubby Bunny."

I'll show you grumpy.

There are about 103 photos taken by Steve of the forts and passageways of Fort Worden. It is actually really cool, but super creepy, that it is all there for people to explore. Steve took Eddy for a walk around the forts. I think Steve was scared and wanted protection from Man's Best Friend.

We did do a little more than just drink our juice and hang out by the fire.

Flaunt what you've got, Finn usually does.

Finn could and does do this all day long. Push trucks. This makes him very very happy.

What a happy camper.

Merry Christmas. This is your Christmas card.

At the moment this was taken, this is a photo of the happiest dog in America. Eddy was allowed (kinda allowed if you pretend you don't see the signs saying otherwise) to be off leash and run like a freaking maniac on the beach. I was ready to resuscitate him should he drop from a heart attack.

Doggie Smile.

Oh Crap! This is the look of our future Teen.

Self-crowned "Jiffy Pop King".

Eddy on the ferry ride home.

All the other photos can be seen here.

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