Friday, July 3, 2009

How? What? Why?

Like rapid fire I got this from Niamh in a 2 minute span before bedtime.

Niamh: "Mama, I have one more really important question for you before I go to bed. This is the last one. How do phone calls get from one phone to the next?"
Fiona: "Honey, I have no idea. I really don't. Ask Daddy."
Niamh: "OK. What does an Anteater's poop look like?"
Fiona: "Uh, I don't know that one either. Good question."
Niamh: "How was this book made?"
Fiona: "How about you go to bed and we talk about this tomorrow."
Niamh: "Well, how is paper made? Do you know that?"
Fiona: "Niamh, go to bed."
Niamh: "Do you know or not?"
Fiona: "I have an idea. I'll tell you tomorrow what I know."

MAN! There are a lot of really important 5 year old questions I just don't know. I just take for granted that my phone rings, and Anteater poops, and I have a book with paper in it to read. At least she didn't ask where babies come from.

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Julie said...

I'm scared of 5. Thank god for google and wikipedia. Wonder if wiki has a picture of anteater poop.....