Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That Tricky Leprechaun

We didn’t catch him. Can you believe it? Our trap worked perfectly. I came downstairs for work at 5am and the cloud cage had fallen.


I was so excited, I looked in through the top and saw this.


The Little Bugger had left us his empties and some how escaped. We don’t know how he got out but Finn thinks “he must have little muscles” and he lifted up the cage and crawled out. None of us are getting our wish granted. I guess I will just have to go back to complaining about my current car and hoping for my dream car. Niamh is going to have to get off her rear and get her own “stuff”. And, Finn is just going to have to be satisfied with the 293 toy cars he already owns. The Leprechaun did bring us Lucky Charms cereal, and, after finishing off his Baileys, peed in our toilet and didn’t flush. He pees green pee, of course.


AL said...

Obviously the Little Bugger isn't a Seattle native or he would have recycled his empties.

Maria said...

i was wondering how this tale would end. nice touch with the green pee. HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Ours left his pants and gold coins behind. Along with a lot of confetti! great wishes!

Julie said...

You have the best traditions in your family! I love how you incorporate play into every day stuff. Can you adopt me and Mason?