Sunday, July 25, 2010

I’m Sorry, I’ve Been Busy

I know, it has been ages since anything new has surfaced around I still have to write about Niamh’s last day of Kindergarten way back in June. Lots has gone on this summer. Niamh is enjoying Camp Rachel while she is on Summer Break; we’ve seen the sun 4 times; Niamh can ride a bike and put her face in the water at swim class; Finn says mean words like “stupid” and then hangs his head in shame when you tell him he’s being mean; we’ve gone camping, I have backed my car in to both a pole and another car; our back yard project has been started; we’ve gone to concerts, fairs, and parades; oh, and we got puppies!

063puppies 003puppies 005puppies 006puppies 018puppies 021

Now that the house smells like poop, I feel whole again.


AL said...

Has Jaya met them? How's that going?

Brooke said...

Love that you're back on blogger. Don't ever leave me again. Your newborns are adorable. Seriously.

I miss fi and co.

Julie said...

So glad that piece of your heart got filled in. Eddy would be so proud. The little boogers are perfect and we can't wait to babysit.

Meg said...

I want your cute hair. Your cute house. Your cute kids. Your wit. But I don't want your puppies, although I do want to be friends with them. I can't even imagine two at a time...of anything really (except maybe donuts) Eddy is probably talking to his dog friends in heaven saying 'what have they done?!'.