Wednesday, July 28, 2010

D Pass

Two years in a row. Is that the start of a tradition? Last year we went camping at Deception Pass with a group of friends from work. We had such a great time, we found the perfect site, we realized we all really like sleeping together, so, we made plans to do it again this year…to up the ante, we added a few more friends to the group. There were 22 of us in all (not including canines)!

Speaking of tradition, two years in a row, I almost lost Finn. I don’t know if I can tell the whole story without starting to shake. I’m having him micro chipped before next summer. If you find him, please bring him to the nearest vet to be scanned.

Which reminds me of the other almost tragedy with the kids running wild. This one doesn’t involve either of my kids. We were sitting at dinner, an adult looked towards the tents to see one of the young 3 year olds wielding a hatchet. In front of that child was another 3 year old with a Leatherman tool. It was like an alley scene from some bad NY neighborhood being played out by our Patagonia clad Pacific Northwestern young ones. We intervened. It all turned out ok. 

Car packed  029

No, I did not pack for all 22 of us. Leave no space unfilled. You never know what you might need. That might come in handy. What if I don’t like the mineral content of the water and wish I had a different line of shampoo?Those are all thoughts running through my mind as I pack. You should see me pack for 2 months in the Amazon when I know I won’t be able to buy disposable razors or sunscreen or peanut butter or Aveda.


I like that we have repurposed this box instead of throwing it away with all the maternity clothes and books about raising our children that used to be inside of it. The maternity clothes have no future use in our home (please please I hope I didn’t just jinx myself) and we gave up on reading about how to raise our children. We’re winging it. 

deception pass July 2010 002 deception pass July 2010 006

I don’t know what is wrong with my children’s faces. I’d reference some books about child development to see if my kids are normal, but I tossed those in the trash as well. They eat well, gain weight, poop normally, and can walk. Those were all the boxes I wanted to check to feel like I had successfully raised my children. Maybe I should have aimed higher?

The volume of photos to follow should make you feel like you were there with us.

042 034 035 036 037 040038  DSC_0174DSC_0145deception pass July 2010 007

We accomplished something huge for this family while at D Pass. We settled an argument they were having about what to name their future child. For the life of me, I can’t remember now what we decided. Its good though, the whole campfire clan voted. And no Aleah is not pregnant….yet…..unless she hasn’t told me….in which case she drank way too many brews.

deception pass July 2010 008 deception pass July 2010 014 

Jo Jo and Niamh. They look good together.             Simone Vivien. She did it. Her Mama did it. They camped.

deception pass July 2010 015

Finn getting tattooed by 3 lovely ladies.

deception pass July 2010 017 

Even cooler than Kasey’s Tattoo.

 deception pass July 2010 020

Oh, Geez. I’m reminded of more bad parenting with this photo. I didn’t apply sunscreen to my child.                I DID NOT APPLY SUNSCREEN TO MY CHILD. Her name is NIAMH. She is VERY IRISH.

She lived. Her skin did not crisp like turkey bacon. She did not break out in freckles. She did not get a rash or blisters. She actually has a nice little tan. I’m thinking of bleaching her hair.

deception pass July 2010 025 deception pass July 2010 026

Kaz is plainly and simply a cool kid. He just is. Everyone is drawn to him. It could be his dimples, or his hair, or his eyes, or his smile, or his snuggles. I can’t decide.

deception pass July 2010 028

Remember these girls?

deception pass July 2010 029 deception pass July 2010 031deception pass July 2010 036

Magic trick:                                                                                                                                                    Messy Baby, Clean Mama                Messy Baby Hugs Clean Mama       Messy Mama, Clean Baby.


deception pass July 2010 032  deception pass July 2010 039 deception pass July 2010 040 deception pass July 2010 041  deception pass July 2010 048deception pass July 2010 050 deception pass July 2010 019DSC_0212

Julie,Mason, Erin, Finn, Kaz, Therese, Therese’s Friend, Joanna, Chappie, Simone, Katie, Hadley, Megan, Niamh, Finn, Me, Piper, Sydney, Maddie, Fynn, Aleah, Ira


Julie said...

Damn, that was fun! Can't wait to go again.
And, YES, it is now a tradition.

Brooke said...

Wow. Looks likes an epic trip. What a great group of gals you work with. Very cool.

PS - Going back to school to become a nurse JUST so I can hang with your crowd.

PPS - You are very funny. This maybe one of my favorite posts.

Meg said...

When I saw your car I actually gasped. I couldn't believe one little woman could need so much camping stuff. But then, when one other woman brought nothing, I was very glad the little red hen brought all of REI and her kitchen sink. This is most def a forever tradition, even when Hadley is 22 and we don't fit so well in The Element.
P.S. You are a funny lady.
P.P.S. My child was the one yielding the leatherman.
P.P.P.S. Katie, next time you come...bring earplugs. That should help out with Hadley's 6 gazillion questions.

Meg said...

PPPPS I just realized Brooke did 17 PS's as well. Great minds think a like...or maybe it's scattered minds.