Friday, July 9, 2010

Not One Bit Ashamed

At least one of my kids isn’t ashamed to wear Pull Ups made for the other gender. Remember this?


However, they do share this common idiosyncrasy. All of the below were found under Finn’s pillow. Ambulance, 2 chocolate Easter eggs, key chain with hard hat that has a light, lump of PixOs stuck together, rocket ship, and my old SIM card.


Even funnier is that in the middle of the very night I took this photo, Finn woke up screaming. He had fallen asleep with one of the eggs in his hand, it melted, he woke up and thought he barfed or was bleeding.

We replaced the egg and now the food items must stay on the book shelf next to the bed.

1 comment:

Meg said...

I love that your kids are cross dressing hoarders! I passed out once with a hershey bar in my hand and woke up thinking I had pooped the bed...I know Finn's horror, for the 15 seconds I thought I was laying in my own feces I was paralyzed with complete and utter fear.