Friday, July 2, 2010

Spirit Week

I remember having Spirit Week at Immaculate Heart of Mary School Belmont, California. I love that three decades later and two states North, it hasn’t changed a bit. Well, my mom didn’t buy me hair color for Crazy Hair Day, but other than that, nothing much is different.


Monday-Mismatch Day

008 007


Tuesday- Pajama Day



Wednesday- Field Day (Events cancelled due to rain) (but Niamh was prepared with her floods)



Thursday- Hat Day



Friday- Crazy Hair Day



I tried to explain Spirit Fingers but they just didn’t get it.


Katie said...

That hat is SUPER CUTE. AND, good work on her hair! Elementary school looks fun, I think I miss it.

Meg said...

Such a grade schooler! I totes remember doing this with my BF Jamie Swenson and we thought we were soooo cool. And just so you know, Jame and I are still besties, but then again her mom didn't ruin our friendship by getting two man eating beasts. Hads and Niamh could always hook up, they are the same size.