Sunday, July 11, 2010

We’re Adopting…..TWINS

We have made the big decision to adopt two boys. Well, I made the decision, got the kids on my side, then Steve caved to my body convulsing sobs after he told me that we should wait a year before bringing the boys home. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

We went to Renton this evening to introduce Steve and the kids to Fred and Gus. Nope, they aren’t the same Fred and Gus introduced earlier. Those boys were sold and really I think that it was all for good reason that I didn’t bring the tears out until I found this litter. Wait until you see our boys.

 031 - Copy

We didn’t choose that one. She seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. Check out the look she is giving Steve as he pets the rest of the group. We already have some moody females in our house.

050 056


058 And Fred068 

I think Steve is getting used to the idea of having babies in the house again. He just admitted to me that he feels like he already favors Freddy. I think they look a bit alike.


Wanna see them again?

Ok. They are heart achingly cute, aren’t they?


I think they are going to help heal my heartache. Mr. Ed (Eddy2) left a huge gaping hole in my thumper that I think both these guys might fill.


Don’t let Fred fool you. He may be the runt but he’s scrappy.

086 088 087

Go on, Fred, give Gus a noogie.


Anonymous said...

So cute! They are perfect additons to your house! and they should provide plenty of fertilizer for the new garden you are designing!

Meg said...

I'll trade you one brand new baby, for Fred, Gus, and we'll take Steve too. Fair? They are painfully cute...heartbreakingly cute. I don't blame you for crying, way to use those tears. That's why I want Steve around, I can turn it on like nobodies business, I'll get everything I ever wanted!!! I just thinking of the two of us at The Nordy's Half Yearly Sale now...and we'll be pushing Fred and Gus in matching dog strollers.

Maria said...

meg you are ridiculous!

Fiona congrats on the new babies! they are truly magnificent little loves.